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Services, Packages  & Prices

Video Shooting:

Documentary Style Interviews & Shows


Includes 1 Professional Broadcast Quality Camera & Operator,  Lavaliere Microphone Set-up and Basic Lighting Package.  Client will receive Masters of all raw footage.  Time-Coded of raw footage can be provided for an additional $20 per converted 60 minute  Master.

Live Events

$200/HR with a two hour minimum (1 Camera Setup)

*This includes Fashion Shows, Concerts, Plays, Open Mics, Club Nights and More (excluding Weddings)*


$800 Package A - Ceremony Only
$1500 Package B - Ceremony and Reception
$3000 Package C - Documentary Style of the entire wedding day
*All packages include a DVD of all raw footage and an edited DVD with custom into and outro*

Video Editing:  $150/HR non-linear editing. $40 per hour to view/digitize footage for an upcoming editing session.  Masters and Sub-masters of all edited footage will be provided upon completion of editing sessions.  Unfinished projects will be stored digitally for up to one month on our hard drives.  Projects left incomplete after a month will be subject to monthly digital storage fees at a rate of $3/gigabyte/month.   

Social Media Video Special:  $500.00. This includes a 1 camera setup, 1 scene (location or studio) with basic lighting and professional audio.  The final video will have tagged/logo Brandable intro and Outro credits.  Final product delivered on DVD as well as high resolution AVI files ready for Youtube broadcast.

Artist Media Promo.  If you are an up and coming artist looking to show the record label execs the total package, this is an excellent choice.  This will include a mixture of performance footage, interviews, professional photo slides and fan video testimonials. This starts at $2000.00.

Music Videos.  These start with a basic budget of $5000.00.  This includes treatment development, basic crew, lighting package and Director.  The client is responsible for monetarily securing locations (if necessary), compensating extras and any additional special requests...(i.e. Helicopter shots of burning buildings, stunt men, etc.)

Commercials.  These start at $1,000 and are broadcast and satellite ready upon completion.  Professional voice-overs are provided at no additional cost.